Post Party Detox

Detox hen party spa

Post Party Detox

Step away from it all, breathe and surrender. 

Rebalance your whole system with this purifying Yoga class. Allow the Yoga postures to stretch your aches and pains away from the night before!   You will be flooded with feel good Endorphins leaving you feeling positive and energised... Includes: 

  • Head massage: The group will massage sensitive acupressure points of the scalp and neck using the weightless fingers of manual Head Massagers  leaving you feeling totally chilled out.
  • Meditation to refocus and recharge 
  • Breathing exercises to help relieve any pre-wedding tension and anxiety
  • Deep relaxation to calm the nervous system
  • Yoga Stretches to detox

No Yoga experience needed. 

"I really enjoyed the partner yoga, it helped other members of the party to work together and get to know each other on a deeper more intimate level. We all left relaxed". Christina - Sept 

"Yoga has helped me centre myself and keep calm, ready for my wedding". Sara