Thank you for your interest! Hens’ gatherings are one of my favorite events to organize. A typical session unfolds like this:

Here’s some info

  1. Upon arrival at the venue, I swiftly set up the mats and necessary equipment. Then, we dive straight in!

    We start with Yoga warm ups to loosen muscles and joints, and eliminate stiffness. For those looking to enhance the bonding experience, we offer optional team-building games. I It’s a great opportunity to strengthen connections between the hen and her crew.

    Indoor or outdoor Yoga session of your choice, at a venue of your choice or just let me know if you want the focus to be on fun and laughter or relaxing and chilling or a mix of both.  

    Finishing with Head massage and a Deep relaxation that will leave you feeling rested and revived; perfect to help the bride release any big day jitters.

    Delicious energising fruit smoothies, Irresistible Chocolates,

    Mats will be provided for the Yoga sessions.

  2. I can come to your venue either inside or outside

  3. Prices are below, If you wish to go ahead you can complete the booking on this link . Discounted budget offers available upon request.

  4. Once the booking form is completed, a deposit is due of £150 is payable.  The remainder is due 4 weeks prior to the event. 

That’s it. Get ready to enjoy the fun! If you haven’t done so already, here are links to: – 

let me know if you have any questions


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