How to Throw the Perfect Yoga Hen Party for Your Bride-to-Be

Partner yoga - The perfect Yoga hen party for your Bride-to-Be.

Do you want to know how to throw the perfect Yoga hen party for your bride-to-be? Check out my top tips below:

1. Choose a yoga studio or outdoor location:

Select a venue that suits the size of your group and has enough space for everyone to practice comfortably or if you are visiting Bath or the South West can visit your venue and can adapt the class poses to suit the size of your room.

2. Book an instructor:

Make sure the instructor is qualified and experienced in teaching yoga hen parties – they should be able to offer different levels of difficulty so that all participants feel comfortable with their practice. 

3. Plan the class:

Decide what type of class you would like–perhaps a more relaxation vinyasa flow, restorative session or even some fun partner poses!

4. Think about how long you want it to last

Generally between 1 – 1.5 hours is a good time. If you wanted some extra bits such as team games, guided head massages, extra relaxation you might want to go for 2 hours.

4. Enjoy

Have fun and know that you don’t have to be flexible to practice Yoga. Now you now how to throw the perfect Yoga hen party for your bride-to-be.

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