Bridesmaids role

You’re so happy you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid however you begin to wonder what you are supposed to do? What is the bridesmaids role and duties? 

A bridesmaids role is to help the bride remain calm and enjoy the day. She should make sure that everything is going according to plan and that all of the guests are having a great time. 

​​Common questions about the bridesmaids role may include

What am I expected to do in my bridesmaid role?

 The expectations of a bridesmaid vary based on the bride’s specific requests, but generally, bridesmaids are expected to help the bride plan the wedding, attend pre-wedding events, help the bride get ready on the wedding day, and provide moral support throughout the process.

What is the budget for my bridesmaid dress and accessories? 

This will depend on the bride’s budget, but often bridesmaids are expected to cover the cost of their own dress and accessories.

What kind of help will bridesmaids need to provide before the wedding?

Before the wedding, bridesmaids may be asked to help with planning, such as attending vendor meetings, helping to create a seating chart, and providing moral support.

What is the Bridesmaids role during the wedding?

During the wedding, bridesmaids may be asked to help with tasks such as helping the bride get dressed, greeting guests, and assisting with decorations. 

What kind of help will bridesmaids need to provide after the wedding?

After the wedding, it may be worth asking your bride if she needs help with sending out thank-you notes or printing / sending out photos and videos. 

Will a bridesmaid be able to attend any of the pre-wedding events? 

This depends on the bride’s plans, but typically bridesmaids are invited to attend any pre-wedding events such as the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and hen party.

How many people will a bridesmaid be responsible for helping on the big day?

As a general rule, a bridesmaids role is helping the bride and groom with tasks such as greeting guests, organising and distributing wedding favours, assisting with seating arrangements, and coordinating any last-minute details. 

What type of bridal shower will be held? 

This will depend on the bride’s preferences. Popular bridal shower themes include garden parties, tea parties, spa days, and more. 

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